Ten Things Everyone Does but Never Talks About

What’s a common human experience that no one ever discusses for some reason?  Something we’ve all done, but don’t talk about.  Someone put together a list.  How many of these things have you experienced?

1.  When you get a call from a weird number and immediately google it.

2.  When your flight doesn’t board for an hour and you need to eat.  But you walk to your gate first anyway . . . just to make sure it’s there.

3.  You’re breathing fine until you lie down and one nostril immediately closes up.

4.  One pocket holds your phone.  The other holds EVERYTHING else.

5.  When you swallow water in a weird way, and there’s that excruciating pain in your chest.  Then it goes away.

6.  When you need a specific item at the grocery store, but someone’s standing in front of it.  So you pretend to shop for something else until they move.

7.  The remote goes missing, and you’re convinced someone else is sitting on it, even after they check.

8.  When you think there’s a bug on your neck, but it’s just the tag on your shirt.

9.  That satisfying feeling when your ear randomly pops, and your hearing increases by 50%.

10.  When you walk into a store to buy something, but they don’t have it.  When you walk out, you feel like you’re shoplifting, even though you aren’t.