35,000 Pounds of Sausage Got Recalled Because It’s Full of Rubber

 If that sausage you had for breakfast seemed rubbery, t

here’s a good reason.  You may have been eating rubber . . .

Johnsonville just recalled 35,000 pounds of sausage after customers found rubber pieces encased in it.

Only one product is affected so far, and it’s really more of a dinner sausage:  Johnsonville Polish Kielbasa Turkey sausage.

The potentially rubber-filled meat was shipped out to stores nationwide.  So it doesn’t matter where you bought it.

Look for the number “P-32009” on the label.  The best by dates are May 17th and May 18th.  (Here’s a photo.)

If the package you bought has that number and one of those dates, take it back to wherever you bought it.  If it doesn’t, then rest assured the sausage you’re eating is rubber-free.


Johnsonville Polish Kielbasa Turkey sausage. Recall