35% of Americans Have Been to a Swimming Pool This Summer . . . 5% Have Never Been to One

It’s been so hot this summer that it seems like every swimming pool is PACKED . . . but not EVERYONE has hit the pool.

A new poll asked around 30,000 Americans when they were last at the pool . . . and 18% said it was within the past week.  Another 17% said it was within the past month.  So, roughly 35% have hit the pool this summer.

16% said it was within the past year . . . 21% said it’s been up to 10 years.  Another 16% say it’s been MORE than 10 years . . . and 5% say they’ve NEVER been to a swimming pool in their lives.

The people who are less likely to have been recently are older folks . . . and people living in the Midwest.

Fewer people have been to a PUBLIC pool recently.  And those numbers REALLY tail off the older you get.  Only 7% of Boomers have hit up a public pool this summer, compared to 32% of adults age 44 and younger.  (And a chunk of them are probably just going with their kids.)