25% of Us Lie at Least Once a Day, Plus the Top Signs Someone’s Fibbing

I wonder if the real number here is higher, and some of these people are just lying . . .

In a new poll, 25% of Americans admit to LYING at least once a day.  The other 75% claimed they don’t lie that much.

Men were a little more likely to admit to it . . . 26% compared to 23% of women.  Men were also more likely to say they lie MULTIPLE times a day.

The poll didn’t discriminate between small “white lies” and bigger lies.  So this includes everything from, “Yes, you look good in those jeans” . . . to “No, I swear I haven’t been drinking, officer.”

Millennials are the biggest liars, according to the survey . . . Gen X and Gen Z are next . . . and Baby Boomers were the least likely to say they lie a lot.

It also looked at the top ways to SPOT a liar.  Here are the top five things we think are signs someone’s being untruthful . . .

1.  They won’t look you in the eye.  84% think that’s a red flag.  24% think TOO MUCH eye contact can be a sign too.

2.  Fidgeting, 63%.

3.  They start sweating, 61%.

4.  They start talking really fast, 48%.  Only 15% think talking too slow is a sign.

5.  You notice they’re suddenly blinking a lot, 45%.

Here are a few more things we associate with lying:  They start tripping over their words . . . they play with their hair . . . they touch their own face . . . and they start using an odd amount of hand gestures.