24% of Us Have at Least One Conversation About the Weather Every Day

A lot of people will tell you they hate making small talk . . . like chit-chatting about the weather.  And yet, a lot of us CAN’T QUIT IT.

In a new poll, 24% of Americans say they have at least one conversation about the weather every day.  3% admit to talking about the weather MULTIPLE times a day.  (Presumably with different people.)

48% of people say they’ll find themselves talking about it at least once a week . . . and only 5% of people claim they NEVER talk about the weather.

25% of Americans say that their daily plans are OFTEN affected by the weather forecast.  And interestingly, another 25% of people claim HUMAN meteorologists are more accurate than computers and algorithms when it comes to forecasting the weather.  Only 10% say computers are more accurate than humans.

And in a separate poll, people were asked about 45 news outlets, including CNN, Fox News, and the Associated Press . . . and the most TRUSTED news source of all 45 was:  The Weather Channel . . . by far.  PBS was second.