24% of Campers Have Recently Worked Remotely . . . While Camping

Some people SAY they want to go camping to unplug . . . but then they bring their phones and even their laptops.

In a new survey, 24% of campers say they HAVE worked remotely while camping in the past year.  That’s consistent with a similar survey from last year . . . so this is not a new trend.

The number of people camping alone in the past year is up 28% from the year before.

57% of people have camped with PETS in the past year.  91% of them camped with a dog, while 7% have camped with cats.  (Those are probably people who have an RV.  It’s hard to imagine that working in a tent.)

13.4% of campers say they took 11 or more camping trips in just the past year, and they’re more likely to be 24 years old and younger . . . or 55 and older.  Which makes sense, Millennials and Gen X are more likely to be too busy with careers and raising a family to go camping every other weekend.

(The Dyrt)