22% of Men Have Slept with a Stuffed Animal as an Adult

Most kids go through a phase where they sleep with a stuffed animal.  That phase can last YEARS.  And for some, it continues into adulthood.

A new poll asked people if they’ve ever “regularly slept with a stuffed animal . . . as an ADULT.”  23% of people said YES . . . 72% said NO . . . and 4% “aren’t sure.”  (???)

You may THINK this is heavily skewed toward women, but that’s NOT the case.  22% of men say they have regularly slept with stuffed animals as an adult . . . while 25% of women say the same.

This COULD be a more recent phenomenon . . . 35% of people between the ages of 18 and 44 admit to it.  But that number drops to 14% for Gen X, and 6% for Boomers.

Unfortunately, they didn’t ask how many adults are currently sleeping with a stuffed animal.  (But a poll from earlier this year found that 42% of people sleep with stuffed animals, at least occasionally.)

45% of people say they slept with a stuffed animal as a CHILD . . . and most people don’t see a problem with it.  Only 8% of people think it can be “harmful” for kids to sleep with stuffed animals.