20 Actors We Can’t Stand

We all have those actors we can’t stand . . . people who make us want to leave the theater or change the channel as soon as we see them.  MSN.com asked their fans to name those actors, and then posted the 20 most popular answers.

Here are 10 of them, in no particular order:

1.  Andy Dick.  “Not a good person, and that’s before talking about his charges of sexual assault.”

2.  Steven Seagal.  “A poor actor and an even worse human being.”

3.  James Corden.  “Despite his attempts to come off as relatable, most find him to be the exact opposite.”

4.  Jared Leto.  “Incredibly creepy.  People say he’s also incredibly pretentious; many believe he runs a cult.”

5.  Lena Dunham.  “In addition to being accused of several racist comments, many view her to be nothing short of a spoiled brat.”

6.  Will Smith.  “He comes off as someone who will do anything for fame, no matter who he hurts.”

7.  James Franco.  “With the rise of the #MeToo movement, his past allegations rose, turning people off of his movies.”

8.  Jesse Eisenberg.  “He has this kind of nerdy maniac vibe about him.”

9.  Kevin Hart.  “Many moviegoers aren’t Kevin Hart fans due to his ability only to perform one character.”

10.  Woody Allen.  “Anyone with an entire Wikipedia page for their sexual abuse allegations deserves to be on a list of actors we can’t stand.”