15 Things We Miss About Being a Kid

Chores, homework, and your idiot parents with their stupid rules . . . all things that SUCKED about being a kid.  But what’s something you genuinely MISS about childhood?  Here are the best answers from people online.

1.  Not having to pay for anything.

2.  Falling asleep in the car and magically waking up in bed.

3.  Your knees and back not aching constantly.

4.  Not having to figure out what to cook every day.

5.  Not knowing how insane the world is.  Or you at least didn’t have to worry about it, because the adults were in charge.

6.  Summer break.

7.  Your evenings and weekends were wide open.

8.  For anyone middle-aged and up, not feeling pressured to be in constant contact.  Before social media and smartphones, it was simpler times.

9.  Being spoiled rotten by your parents or grandparents.

10.  Being oblivious to how DYSFUNCTIONAL your family was.

11.  Your home feeling much roomier.  Either because it was a house, and you’re in an apartment now.  Or because you were just smaller, so it all FELT bigger.

12.  Those pre-teenage years when you weren’t insecure yet.

13.  Naps.  And that carton of milk you got when you took one at preschool.

14.  The magic of birthdays and Christmas.

15.  The world was your oyster.  Your whole life was ahead of you, so it felt like you could do or be anything.  You’ve still got the REST of your life ahead of you, but it’s hard to not feel locked in sometimes.