15 Random Signs You’re an Old Person Now

Gen Z loves reminding the rest of us how OLD we are . . .

Someone asked people to name random signs you’re officially “old” now.  For example, we found out last year no one dances with their hands in the air anymore.  (???)  Here are a few more signs you’re old . . .

1.  You eat Tums like candy.

2.  You still print your boarding pass, just in case.

3.  You snap your fingers when you’re trying to remember something.

4.  You can’t stand or sit without making some sort of noise.

5.  You use your speakerphone for most of your calls.

6.  You judge parents if their kid isn’t wearing a jacket.  Like, “It’s April.  That kid should really have a jacket on.”

7.  You watch the local news every night.  Bonus points if you say things like, “What’s this world coming to?”

8.  You’ve recently stood outside a store in the morning, waiting for it to open.

9.  You start conversations with strangers in public.

10.  You know exactly where your heating pad is.

11.  You leave the plastic on things to keep them “new.”

12.  You’ve recently said, “How do you work this dang thing?”

13.  You’ve told a server, “Please give my compliments to the chef.”

14.  You cut your juice with water, because everything’s too sweet these days.

15.  You drive by a nice house and say, “That’s a nice house.”

(Twitter / BuzzFeed)