14% of People Love Their House to Smell Like . . . Clorox?

We all spend a ton of money on stuff to make our homes smell good:  Candles . . . air fresheners . . . essential oils . . . those reed sticks or whatever.  But all we really need is buckets and buckets of BLEACH.

In a new survey, people were asked for their “favorite scents to enjoy at home,” and 17% said anything floral . . . flowers, potpourri, and stuff like that.

But 14% said they enjoy the scent of cleaning and sanitizing products, like chlorine bleach.  (???)  (I assume this is more about the corresponding feeling of having a CLEAN home.  Not the chemical smell itself.)

13% said they prefer a citrus smell . . . another 13% say woodsy or natural scents . . . and 11% say the smell of baked goods.

66% of people believe they’d be able to recognize the unique scent of their own home . . . for better or worse.