13% of Dog Owners Drive with Them on Their Lap

I’m guessing this is more of a thing with the Pomeranian crowd than Saint Bernard people . . .

13% of dog owners admit they sometimes let their dog sit on their LAP while driving.

It’s from a survey on how DANGEROUS driving with dogs can be.  An insurance company talked to 1,000 dog owners, and half said they worry about their dog causing an accident.  (As in a car crash, not peeing on the seat.)

Here are a few more quick stats on driving with dogs . . .

1.  69% usually make their dog sit in the back seat . . . 41% let them sit up front in the passenger’s seat sometimes . . . and 13% have let them sit on their lap.

2.  Half of dog owners think there should be laws requiring you to buckle your dog in, or restrain them in some way.

3.  45% let their dog hang its head out the car window.  Surprising that’s not higher, since dogs LOVE it.

4.  88% of men and 77% of women admit they might not always be paying full attention on long trips, because they’re busy entertaining their dog.

5.  9% have kept their dog occupied by letting them watch TV on their phone.  (???)

(Erie Insurance / PR Newswire)