11 Unusual Funeral Requests from Celebrities

You only die once, so why not make it unique.  At least that’s what some celebrities think when making planningtheir funerals.  BuzzFeed put together a list of 11 unusual final requests from famous people.  Here they are:

1.  Tupac:  His ashes were smoked by members of his former group, Outlawz.

2.  Hunter S. Thompson, the author of “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”Johnny Depp honored his request to have his ashes fired from a cannon.

3.  Fred Baur, the inventor of Pringles:  He had his ashes buried in a Pringles can . . . the original flavor.

4.  Carrie Fisher:  Her ashes are held in an urn shaped like a Prozac pill.

5.  Bruce Lee:  Footage from his actual funeral was used in his last film, “Game of Death”.  There’s a scene where you can see his face in his casket.

6.  Luke Perry:  He wanted to be eco-friendly, so he was buried in a mushroom burial suit.

7.  Arch West, the inventor of Doritos:  His urn was buried in a box surrounded by Doritos chips.

8.  James Doohan from “Star Trek”:  Some of his ashes were smuggled onto the International Space Station.

9.  Aretha Franklin:  She had four outfit changes for her three viewings and funeral.

10.  Author Roald Dahl:  He had a viking-inspired funeral where he was buried with some of his possessions like HB pencils, a power saw, and chocolates.

11.  Elizabeth Taylor:  She wanted to be fashionably late to her service, so it began 15 minutes after its announced start time.