10 Very Simple Things That Make Us Happy

If money can’t buy happiness, then why do we get so excited when we find $10 in our pocket? According to a new survey, there’s nothing that will boost your day more than that.

A survey discovered the ten “little successes” that provide us with the greatest moments of happiness.

1. Discovering money you didn’t know you had in an old coat – 59%

2. Winning a contest you forgot you entered – 46%

3. Getting a refund or rebate you didn’t know was due – 41%

4. Saving money on household bills – 31%

5. Finding a winning lottery ticket – 28%

6. Getting to the register and realizing your item has been marked down – 26%

7. Losing a pound – 18%

8. Finding money in an automated device, like the change bowl at a counter at checkout – 13%

9. Not having a hangover after a big night out – 5%

10. Getting a seat on the train into work – 3%10