• Jul 23
    Jul 26

    Summer Camp! Make Your First Video Game

    Summer Camp! Make Your First Video Game

    Wenatchee Valley College

    Creative technology for kids 8-10 and 11-14. If you love playing video games, this is the camp for you! Make your first video game in this one-of-a-kind class that shows you the keys to designing your first 2D platformer game. Conceptualization, play experience, level design, graphics, sounds, and simple coding are just some of the concepts that we’ll explore. No...

  • Jul 28

    Going Out of Business Sale at Valley Pawn Shop

  • Jul 28

    The Big Chill Ciderfest

  • Aug 4

    North Central Washington Stand Down

  • Aug 7

    2018 National Night Out

  • A Reporter and Her Umbrella Lose a Battle with the Wind
  • Watch Cats Detect an Earthquake 10 Seconds Before It Happens
  • Croatian Firefighters Respond to Call, and Miss Seeing the Winning Goal
  • A Grandpa Accidentally Films Himself Instead of the Marriage Proposal
  • A Sweet Moment as a Grandpa Gives His Wife a Flower
  • A Newlywed Couple Almost Got Crushed by a Falling Tree Branch
  • A Confused Toddler Encounters a Mirror for the First Time
  • Two Passive-Aggressive Bus Passengers Can't Agree if a Window Should Be Open or Closed
  • A Woman Touches an Electric Fence and Wets Her Pants
  • A Guy Gets Tased and a Woman Falls Through the Ceiling Trying to Escape the Police