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  • Jun 30

    Wenatchee's Got Talent Part: 2

    Wenatchee's Got Talent Part: 2

    This is the second part of our Talent Show.....this is a competition with the top 12 performers!! We will be picking our top 12 acts to perform (from the auditions the week before) and we will have a panel of judges that will be picking the winners. It will cost $5 to attend this show. We are pre-selling tickets as...

  • Jul 1

    Astral Chapter #75 Annual Yard Sale

  • Jul 4

    Breakfast For Heroes

  • Jul 4

    River Run on the Fourth

  • Jul 4

    4th Annual Cherry Spit Contest

  • Jul 11

    Flower Pot Sip & Paint

  • Jul 21

    Little Black Dress - Red Carpet Edition

  • A Cat Opens a Dresser Drawer, Climbs Inside, and Then Closes It
  • A Man Tosses Water into a River, and Something Underwater Goes Absolutely Nuts
  • An Ex-Green Beret Runs Through Sniper Fire to Rescue a Child
  • A 91-Year-Old Woman's Awesome Parallel Bars Routine
  • Elementary Students in Japan Set a World Record for Skipping Rope
  • A House Cat Wants to Square Up With a Lioness
  • A Man Interviewed His Daughter on the First Day of School From 1st Grade Through 12th Grade
  • A Man Reunites With a Huge Condor That He Rescued as a Baby
  • A Clueless Guy Tries to Tap a Keg, and the Beer Comes Shooting Out
  • A Car Rolls Out of a Yard and Crashes Into Another Car Driving Down the Street