How much of your paycheck would you be willing to sacrifice if it meant you could work from home FOREVER?  More than 1 in 7 people in a new poll said they’d sacrifice a QUARTER of their earnings.

65% would take a 5% pay cut . . . 38% would take a 10% pay cut . . . and 15% of us would take a 25% pay cut to keep working remotely.  Here are a few more things we’d be willing to do to keep working from the couch . . .

1.  39% would give up their health insurance benefits . . . half would give up their vision insurance . . . and 44% would give up dental.

2.  36% would give up their 401k benefits going forward.

3.  46% would give up HALF of their vacation days and sick days.  And 15% would give up ALL of them.

4.  53% would work 10 extra hours a week.  That’s two additional hours a day.

5.  55% would give up social media for a year.

6.  52% would give up Netflix . . . and 52% said the same about Amazon deliveries.

7.  And 34% of us would give up our right to vote in ALL future elections.  (A third of us didn’t vote in the last election, so maybe it’s not a huge sacrifice.)