Which Part of the Country Is the Friendliest, and Which Is the Rudest?

This study’s fun, because it looked at how we feel today compared to 40 years ago . . .

Someone asked 1,000 Americans questions about different parts of the country . . . the Northeast, South, West, and Midwest.  And they compared the results to the same poll done in 1983.

One question they asked was which part of the country is the FRIENDLIEST, and our answer hasn’t changed one bit.  The SOUTH still ranks first . . . 47% of people in 1983 voted for it, and so did 47% of Americans today.

The Midwest is next at 30%, followed by people out West at 15%.  The Northeast was voted the RUDEST part of the country, then and now.

Here are a few more questions they asked, and how people today answered . . .

1.  Who has the worst weather?  The Midwest with 32% of the vote, but it was close.  28% said the South, and 27% said the Northeast.  The West was voted as having the BEST weather overall.

2.  Who has the thickest accent?  The South dominated with 67%.  The Northeast was a distant second.

3.  Where’s the best place for a vacation?  Out West got the most votes, followed by the South.

4.  Who has the highest cost of living?  45% said people out West do.  But the Northeast was a close second at 44%.

5.  Where do most of the people who “run things” come from?  The Northeast got 47% of the vote, down from 51% in 1983.  But the big change was the South now ranks second.  40 years ago, it was last.