What’s the Nicest Thing a Stranger Has Ever Done for You?

A thread on Reddit is going viral after someone asked people to name the nicest thing a complete stranger has ever done for them.  Do you know yours?  Here are a few highlights from Reddit . . .

1.  A guy was at a bar with his girlfriend when a random dude walked up and said they seemed like a sweet couple.  Then he handed them two free tickets . . . said he couldn’t go at the last minute . . . and they were front-row seats to see PRINCE.

2.  Someone lost their keys in college, then they showed up in their mailbox the next day with a note.  Turned out someone found them . . . figured out which dorm they lived in . . . and tried them on every single mailbox lock until they found the right one.

3.  A guy on a bus was talking to his wife about how broke they were.  Then someone said he dropped cash on the ground, and handed him $40.  The guy knew he HADN’T dropped any money.  They just said that so he wouldn’t be embarrassed accepting it.

4.  A woman got harassed on the subway, and an older dude scared the guy off.  Then she got off to get a transfer, and thought the older guy just happened to be going the same way.  They waited on the platform together until her train came, then he left.  Turned out he’d SKIPPED his stop, just to make sure she got home safe.

5.  A guy’s flight home got cancelled the day before his kid’s first birthday party, and the next open flight was in two days.  But someone who overheard him at the counter walked up . . . gave up THEIR seat . . . and he flew home first class.