If I had a choice between staying at home with the kids or working after a rough night ... I would choose a work day EVERY TIME #workingmum #defaultparent #parenting #mumlife #secret #tipsandtricks #fyp

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A young mom in Australia has been trending online after explaining why going to work is WAY easier than staying home with her kids all day.  She splits her week and does both, so she knows what she’s talking about.

Her main points are that listening to the radio and podcasts on her commute is actually fun.  She gets some alone time . . . has adult conversations all day . . . and is actually excited to see her kids when she gets home.

But when she stays home, it’s all about what her kids need . . . she’s constantly putting out fires all day . . . and the average stay-at-home parent would LOVE to just sit in traffic for 45 minutes.