When you do something nice . . . even if it’s small . . . you never know who’s watching.  In this case, millions of people . . .

An 89-year-old woman named Rose Griest stopped at a gas station near Gainesville, Florida the other day.  And she was having trouble getting back in her car, because her legs were giving out on her.

Her husband David was there too, but he’s a HUNDRED years old and couldn’t help her much.  So three YOUNG guys dropped everything and stepped in to help.

They got her into her car, and caught her when she almost fell.  Then they helped David with his walker too.  (And if you look closely in the video, they also had to help them avoid a large pile of DOG POOP while doing it.)

A cop who happened to see it posted a video on Facebook that’s now been viewed over five million times.  One reason it’s going viral is because the older couple is white, and the three guys who helped them are black.

We only know their first names . . . Joc, Marty, and Freddy.  But they’re all in their 20s and early 30s.  Marty says he just kept thinking about what he’d want someone to do if it was HIS grandmother who needed help.

(Yahoo / Fox5)