The New York Yankees brought in a couple of big-time hitters at the trade deadline . . . but on Monday, fans didn’t have much to cheer about with the Yankees down 1-7 to the last-place Baltimore Orioles in the eighth inning.

That is until a CAT ran onto the field.

This isn’t the first time a cat has scampered onto a playing field from . . . wherever.  But this time, it took a WHILE to clear the field.  It was like a full-on halftime show.

It took so long that the bored Yankees fans exploded with life, chanting “MVP!  MVP!” and “Let’s go cat!”  (???)  (Here’s video.)


The Orioles announcers joked that the cat was “faster than anybody on the Yankees,” and people on social media joked that the grounds crew in New York needed to “revisit their ‘cat-on-the-field’ training manual.”

(Here’s a look at the cat in SLO-MO.  Hopefully that cat finds a good home.)

In another game on Monday, Victor Robles of the Washington Nationals had a praying mantis on his cap, and he was totally cool with it.  He even motioned to it so that it knew how many outs there were.