The Toronto Raptors PULLED IT OFF.  They finished off the Golden State Warriors 114-110 in Game Six last night . . . to win their first-ever NBA title.  Kawhi Leonard was named the Finals MVP.

He’s the first player to win Finals MVP in both conferences.  He also won it with the San Antonio Spurs back in 2014.  He averaged 28.5 points per game on 43% shooting in the Finals.

The game was close until the final moments.  The Warriors were down one point with 9.6 seconds remaining.  Steph Curry got a good look at a three-pointer, but he missed it.

There was a scramble for the ball, and with ONE second remaining, the Warriors dove on the ball at midcourt and got possession, then tried to call a timeout.

Which was a no-no . . . because they didn’t have any timeouts left.  That’s a technical foul, which gave the Raptors a free throw AND the ball.  They made it, and then two more free throws when the Warriors fouled on the final possession.

The botched timeout call would’ve been an EPIC BLUNDER, but because time would’ve run out anyway, it just prolonged the inevitable Raptors celebration.

To make matters worse, the Warriors also suffered another injury during last night’s game.  Klay Thompson fell awkwardly in the third quarter after being fouled while going for a dunk.

He was carried off to the locker room, but came back out to shoot his free throws.  He made them . . . but he couldn’t shake it off, and was ruled out for the rest of the game.  After the Kevin Durant debacle, the Warriors weren’t going to take any chances.

And late last night they confirmed that Klay tore the ACL in his left knee.

Although the Warriors suffered some key injuries, that’s part of the game.  And Golden State BENEFITTED from injuries when they won their championship in 2015.  The Cleveland Cavaliers were without two of their best players in that series.

In addition to being Finals MVP, Kawhi also led ALL players in points, rebounds, and steals throughout the playoffs.

Now, Toronto hopes Kawhi will rejoin them to defend the title.  He’ll score a big contract this summer.  A max deal with the Raptors would be $190 million over five years.  The most he can get with any other team is $140 million over four.

(The Raptors flew under the radar for a lot of the season, so this result came as a BIG surprise to those who joked that the Warriors would “win it in THREE.”  But the Raptors always had a shot.  Especially without Durant opposing them.)

(Here are the game highlights.)