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The Top Bad Habits We Picked Up This Year Include Stress-Eating, Too Much Booze, and All-Day Pajamas

We’ve had to adjust and change a lot this year.  And not all the changes we’ve made are entirely healthy.  A new survey looked at some of the bad habits we’ve picked up this year.  Here are the top 10.  And a LOT of them have to do with food and alcohol . . .

1.  Snacking more throughout the day.  40% said yes to that one.

2.  Eating more comfort foods, 39%.

3.  Not eating enough fruits and vegetables, 33%.

4.  Drinking too much caffeine, 32%.

5.  More junk food, 32%.

6.  Not eating three meals a day, 31%.

7.  Too much alcohol, 26%.

8.  Not exercising enough, 25%.

9.  Staying in pajamas all day.  23% of us have done it during the pandemic.

10.  Sleeping in, and being late for work while working from home.  One in nine people who’ve had to work from home said they’ve done it.  And just under half of us have bailed on work early to start drinking.


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