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The Top 30 Things Kids Wish Were School Subjects

A survey asked KIDS between the ages of 6 and 11 what they would add as a new subject in school . . . and yes, video games did make the list.  But so did a lot of other topics that you might not expect.

The top response was a class on “How to be a YouTube star,” which, in a way, could be considered an early business class.

“How to look after pets” was #2 . . . followed by “How to cook my favorite meal” . . . and “How to be good at video games.”  “How to eat healthily” was #5, which is hard to believe, as is #6, “How to recycle.”

The rest of the Top 10 were:  “How to be brave” . . . “How to cheer someone up” . . . “How to make people laugh” . . . and “How to be proud of myself.”

Others that made the Top 30 include:  Looking after plants . . . making friends . . . telling a good joke . . . respecting other people . . . being a better listener . . . and how to make toast.  (Not to be confused with “How to make A toast,” which they’re at least 10 years away from worrying about.)

(Hit up for more, including the full Top 30.  It’s unclear how the survey was administered, but it seems like the kids were choosing from a list.)

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