Rent is higher in cities because so many people want to live there.  But making the commute might not be a bad idea if it means more open space . . .

A new study in England found that the closer you live to nature, the HAPPIER you are.

They looked at stats from over 25,000 people.  And they found that people within walking distance of parks . . . or other open areas . . . tend to have higher levels of self-worth and overall life satisfaction.

It also found that living close to nature can have an even bigger impact on your mental health than your INCOME.

The study specifically looked at “urban green spaces.”  Meaning parks, or open fields in cities and suburban areas.

Being within walking distance was key, and had the biggest impact.

Living within 1,000 feet of a two-and-a-half acre park was associated with an 8% bump in overall life satisfaction.

(Two-and-a-half acres is roughly two football fields.)

(Study Finds)