Some “Facts” That Are Actually False

For a missing person there is a 24 hour waiting period: If someone is missing, even if its for just an hour, you can most certainly file a report.

• A heart attack and cardiac arrest are the same thing: A heart attack is when one or more of those arteries are blocked and the heart tissue starts to die from starvation. If enough cells die, the entire organ dies. A cardiac arrest is when the entire heart fails to pump normally.

• Camels can survive in the desert because they store water in their humps: Their humps are fat, but the fat is what provides them with about three weeks of energy. Camels’ kidneys and intestines are really the ones that retain water.

• The best way to escape a bear is to run down hill: You may get faster running down hill, and guess who else does?

• Cutting your hair makes it grow faster: No. And shaving does not make your hair grow back thicker and faster.

• Saint Patrick was Irish: He was Welsh.

• Dogs only see in black, white and gray: Dogs are dichromial animals, so while they recognize fewer color differences than humans, who are trichromial, they still see a variety of actual colors.

• The red liquid coming from a steak is blood: The liquid dripping out of a steak is mostly myoglobin, which is a binding protein found in muscle tissue.

• Jesus was born on December 25: The Bible never claims December 25 as the birth date of Jesus but may imply a date closer to September.

• The oxygen we breathe comes from trees: The oceans are responsible for 70% of the oxygen that we breathe, and it mostly comes from phytoplankton.

• Different parts of the tongue react to a specific taste. Nope, you don’t have parts of the tongue that only react to a specific taste.

• A duck’s quack doesn’t echo. It does.