Ready to get turned on by an 80-year-old statue of a 200-year-old man?  Yeah you are.

There’s a photo going viral right now of a statue of Abraham Lincoln from the Los Angeles federal courthouse.  And in the statue he’s shirtless, he’s lean and muscular, and his thumb is tugging the waistband of his pants like a model.

Apparently the statue debuted in 1939, but a whole new generation just found out about it . . . and they’re INTO IT.  Because the reviews are close to unanimous:  Young Abe Lincoln is fiiiiiiine, baby.


And here are a few other photos going viral today . . .

Here’s nightmare fuel:  A team just found the WORLD’S LARGEST BEE in Indonesia.  It hasn’t been spotted since 1981.  It’s almost an inch-and-a-half long, or about three to four times bigger than an average bee.


And a guy from Canada just set a new Guinness World Record for wearing 260 t-shirts.  He’s got so many of ’em on you can only see the top of his head.