If you haven’t seen this footage yet, it’s pretty crazy . . .

A 32-year-old named Orlando Hernandez was driving down the interstate near Chicago on Monday when his back right tire blew.

Then he lost control of his truck . . . FLIPPED it . . . slammed into a concrete barrier . . . and a news helicopter got it all on video.

His truck ended up on the side of the road, upside down.  And he couldn’t get out because the roof and doors were caved in.

But then a bunch of construction workers and other people ran in to help.  And around a dozen guys worked together to LIFT the truck up onto its side.

An off-duty firefighter also stopped to help.  He helped smash out the windshield and cut Orlando’s seatbelt.

Then he tried to get him to stay in the truck until paramedics got there, just in case he had a spinal injury.  But Orlando wasn’t having it.  He decided to climb out on his own, and he’s totally fine.

(ABC News)