Credit: Milkos via Thinkstock

Did you have a nice relaxing morning where you sipped on coffee and watched the news?  If so, your friends with kids HATE you.

40% of parents say they’ve been late to work before because their kids held them up.  Here are the top ten things people with kids struggle with in the morning . . .

1.  Getting your kids out of bed.  The average parent has to tell them to wake up TWICE before they actually get moving.

2.  Getting YOURSELF out of bed.

3.  Remembering everything your kids need before they leave the house.

4.  Making breakfast for everyone.

5.  Packing their lunch.

6.  Getting them dressed.

7.  Finishing off any chores, like dishes.

8.  Getting your kids to brush their teeth.

9.  Getting them to school on time.  The average kid shows up late six times a year.

10.  Finding time to shower.