Credit: humonia via Thinkstock

With so many people staring at screens and working from home, this makes sense.  A new poll found our most-stressed body part right now is our EYES.

Over a quarter of Americans say their eyes feel tired or sore more often than any other body part.  Here are the most stressed parts of our body, according to the poll . . .

1.  Eyes got 26% of the vote.

2.  Head, 15%.  Staring at screens can also cause headaches.

3.  Shoulders, 14%.

4.  Legs, 13%.  Sitting too much can make your legs hurt.

5.  Back, 11%.

6.  Feet, 4%.  You’d expect that to be higher, but we’re not walking much these days.

7.  Your core, 4%.

8.  Wrists, 3%.

9.  Arms, 3%.