One of the Happiest Jobs Is . . . Firefighter?

If you’ve fallen OUT of love with your job, maybe you should consider something new:  Like joining the FIRE DEPARTMENT.

There’s a new list of the happiest, most satisfying careers . . . according to “experts.”  Here are the Top Five:

1.  Physical Therapist . . . The average salary is over $90,000, but it requires a doctorate and state license.  One reason it might be satisfying is you get to work with people to improve their health, and you can see the results over time.

2.  Firefighter . . . The average salary is around $49,000, and it only requires a high school diploma or GED.  It can be a rewarding job because you work with a tightly-knit team to save people from fires, medical emergencies, and hazardous situations.

(There’s also the occasional cat in a tree, which can be a nice change of pace I guess.)

3.  Teacher . . . The salary and education required vary depending on the level and subject you plan to teach.  Teachers often report being happy . . . despite the challenges . . . because it’s a way to directly impact the lives of young people.

4.  Teaching Assistant . . . They often rate their job satisfaction among the best, despite not having the best salary.  Like being a teacher, which is usually the end-goal, teaching assistants get to work with kids and see them progress.

5.  Quality Assurance Analyst . . . You usually need a data analytics degree, and the field is forecasted for “extreme growth” over the next few years.

They test products and systems to make sure that they meet companies’ standards.  It can be satisfying work for people who are detail-oriented and enjoy solving problems.  And the gig can come with a lot of independence.

(Study Finds)