Millennials Are Dumping Streaming Services . . . for TV Antennas?

It’s always amusing when Millennials “discover” something that old-schoolers basically GREW UP WITH.

The “New York Post” claims Millennials and Gen Z kids have been saving money by canceling their pricey subscription services like Netflix and HBO Max, and are “turning to” ANTENNAS for . . . get this . . . FREE TV.  (???)

If you’re a Millennial, an antenna was that rusty, kite-shaped thing that’s on your parents’ roof.  You might have seen one on “Stranger Things”.  You can still buy antennas . . . digital ones . . . on Amazon for about $30, and the “Post” claims they can pull 50 to 150 channels.

Not ESPN . . . it’s mostly the main broadcast channels and other random nonsense that you’ve probably never heard of.  (So the young folks CAN still watch all the shows they love on CBS!)

It’s hard to say how much of a trend this REALLY is among Millennials, but antennas ARE still a thing.

The Consumer Technology Association reports that 8.5 million digital antennas were sold in 2021.  And that more than 40 million American households, or one-in-three, “currently use an antenna.”  (Although that doesn’t mean they use it exclusively.)

(NY Post)

(The better play is:  Canceling cable . . . if you haven’t already . . . and grabbing an antenna if you think you might want to watch something live on a broadcast network.  That will save you a big chunk of money.)

(Then you can keep one or two streaming services at a time . . . just rotate them every few months so you don’t have them ALL continuously.)

(If you’re curious about what MIGHT come through in your area with an antenna, you can plug in your address, here.  But just so you know, you get what you pay for, so don’t expect much.  Or just spend your $30 on a Roku or something.  They offer free apps with decent content.)