Kids Actually Want to Hang Out With Their Parents . . . and Here’s What They Want to Do

Even if you think your kids consider themselves “too cool” to hang out with you . . . they don’t.  Deep down, they still want to do stuff as a family.  Even if they’d NEVER admit it in front of their friends.

According to a new survey, 73% of kids who are between six and 17 years old say they want more opportunities to hang out with their parents and siblings and bond with them.

And 70% of parents wish they could spend more quality time with their kids.

The survey also found the activities that kids want to do with their parents the most.

The top 10 are:  Go to the beach . . . exercise . . . play sports . . . go to the pool . . . go to the movies . . . play at a park . . . go camping . . . go to a zoo, museum, or amusement park . . . play video games . . . and go shopping.

(SWNS Digital)