It’s the First Day of Summer . . . So Here Are the Preferred Summer Travel Destinations for Each State

Today is OFFICIALLY the first day of summer, which means NOTHING can kill my mood.  (Although the Debbie Downer in your life would mention that it’s also Summer Solstice, so it’s the longest day of the year . . . and they’ll only get shorter from now until winter.)

It also means it’s summer travel season . . . so a new study combed through Google Trends data to figure out which travel destination was especially popular in each state.

And while some of us would be happy just to cross state lines, this is specifically about INTERNATIONAL travel.

Mexico is by far the most popular travel destination for Americans in 2022.  Every state has at least some search interest in Mexico as a vacation destination.

And it is #1 overall in New Mexico, Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Wyoming, Oregon, Montana, Oklahoma, and West Virginia.

Our neighbor to the north Canada is also pretty popular.  It’s #1 in Connecticut, Florida, Nevada, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania.

(So the Canada / Florida love is mutual.  Earlier this year, we heard how Canadian snowbirds love heading to Florida during the winter.)

Both Dakotas have the most interest in the Bahamas as a vacation destination . . . but it’s also #1 in Nebraska, Maine, Vermont, New Jersey, and Utah.

There’s also interest in Jamaica (Arkansas, Kansas, New Hampshire, Delaware, Maryland, and Mississippi) . . . Aruba (Michigan, Indiana, Rhode Island, and Georgia) . . . and the Dominican Republic (Iowa, Missouri, Louisiana, and Alabama).

Californians, Texans, Ohioans, and Virginians plan to spend their vacation in Germany . . . while Italy is the main draw for people in New York, Minnesota, Illinois, Kentucky, and South Carolina.

The states showing the most curiosity in going across the pond to the United Kingdom this summer are Massachusetts, North Carolina, and Washington.  While Spain is #1 in Arizona, Wisconsin, and Colorado.  (For some reason, Russia did NOT top the wish-list in any state.)