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It’s Mid-August, and People Are Already Setting Up Their “Halloween Trees”

Credit: jenifoto via Thinkstock

We’re two-and-a-half months from Halloween, and four months from Christmas.  But 2020 is nuts.  So combining both in mid-August just feels right . . .

People are already setting up their “Halloween trees” and posting pictures on Instagram.

That’s where you put up your artificial Christmas tree early and cover it with Halloween decorations instead of ornaments.

The trend started a few years ago, but more people are getting in on it.  They also seem to be doing it earlier this year.  So maybe they just need the distraction.

Hardcore fans can even bridge the gap between Halloween and Christmas by doing a THANKSGIVING tree.  Yes, they’re also a thing.  (So are Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day trees.)

The question is, should your tree really be up for half the year?

(Fox News)

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