This is a great product for people who care MUCH more about function over fashion.  So yeah, your dad’s definitely gonna want one . . .

A company called Astride Bionix is selling a WEARABLE CHAIR that straps to the back of your legs and butt, and automatically folds out when you sit down.

It’s called the LEX chair, and they got funding for it on Kickstarter last year.

The chairs ARE fairly sleek and streamlined . . . for wearable furniture anyway.  And they claim you can do normal activities while you’re wearing one, even running.

The company behind them also claims they promote perfect posture . . . protect your knees and back . . . and that being able to sit down anywhere will revolutionize the way people work.

They’re available for preorder through their website,  But they’re pretty expensive at $400 EACH.

The company’s planning to start shipping them in December, just in time for Christmas.

(Guardian / Kickstarter)

(Here’s a photo of two people trying to look cool while wearing one.)