If There’s No Toilet Paper in a Public Bathroom . . . Use Cash?

Have you ever been in a public bathroom, and realized too late there’s no TOILET PAPER?  The obvious first step is to ask someone in the next stall for some.  But what if that’s not an option, and there aren’t paper towels either?

Lifehacker.com just did a whole write-up on the topic, and they may have gotten a little TOO creative with a few solutions.  Here’s what they suggest . . .

1.  Use the cardboard roll.  It’ll be uncomfortable and won’t do much, but it’s an option.

2.  Check your pockets for paper.  Things like receipts or old wrappers could work.

3.  Use CASH.  (???)  It’ll be the most expensive bathroom visit of your life, but it’s the most common type of paper we carry around.  Hopefully you’ve got a lot of ones.

4.  Use a water bottle as a makeshift bidet.  It’s very European.  Just make sure you throw it away and don’t drink from it again.

5.  Sacrifice your wardrobe.  If you’re desperate, things like socks, underwear, and undershirts could get the job done.  Just don’t flush them.