Here Are the 10 Apps That Were Downloaded the Most This Decade

Apple’s App Store and Google Play both launched in 2008, which means the 2010s are the first decade where we were downloading apps on our phones from start to finish.  So what DID we download?

According to a new study, the FOUR most-downloaded apps worldwide this decade are all owned by Facebook.  They are:  Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

The rest of the top 10 are:  Snapchat . . . Skype . . . TikTok . . . UC Browser, which is a very popular web browser in Asia . . . YouTube . . . and Twitter.

(The list isn’t all that different from the most-downloaded iPhone apps of 2019 . . . six out of 10 apps show up on both lists.)

The three apps that we spent the most money on are Netflix . . . Tinder . . . and Pandora.

And the most-downloaded game of the decade is “Clash of Clans”.