Heads-Up: 71% of Moms Are Dropping Hints About Mother’s Day Gifts

We’re less than a week away from Mother’s Day . . . so if you haven’t figured out what you’re getting for the mothers in YOUR life, get on that.  The good news is:  You might be getting some help . . . if you pay attention.

In a poll, 71% of mothers say they DROP HINTS in conversation to let their partners know what Mother’s Day gifts they want.  And 67% of them will even create wish-lists to make it easier.

Maybe this means they do NOT want what the men in their lives usually get . . . and this year, 43% of men say they were planning to get jewelry . . . 39% said an “edible gift” . . . and 36% said they were thinking clothing and accessories.

But 38% of moms said they’d like a handmade gift . . . 27% said they’d enjoy baked cookies from their kids or partner . . . and another 37% are hinting about how they’d like a SPA DAY.

49% of moms say the most meaningful thing others can do is take care of household chores or other tasks, so they can put their feet up and relax.

(PR Newswire)