Good News: Skaters, French Fries, and the Science of Being Happy

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A study in England found you really can learn how to be happy.  The University of Bristol launched a class in 2018 called the “Science of Happiness”.  It covers the latest science on why some people are happy, and some aren’t.

The study found students enrolled in the course DID come out of it happier than when they went in.  But there’s a catch.  You can’t just learn how to be happy and you’re done.  “Long-term joy in life requires ongoing practice and dedication.”

2.  This seems like a win-win:  CBS News did a story on a group of skateboarders in Southern California who will deep-clean your pool for free . . . if you let them drain it and skate around in it first.

3.  A place in Oklahoma called Noble Smokin’ Joe’s Barbecue kept getting prank calls last month from three little kids who really wanted some French fries.  So one of the owners set out on a mission to track them down and get them those fries.

It blew up on Facebook, with thousands of people commenting on a post about it.  She ended up figuring out it was three girls, aged 5, 9, and 11.  Now they’ve gotten their fries and then some.

The owner is planning French fry parties for them at school.  She also set up a GoFundMe to start savings accounts for them.  They’ll get the money when they turn 18, so they can use it for college or whatever their future plans are.  (Here’s a photo.)