Good News: Loose Chickens, Long Hair, and “Unsolved Mysteries”

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Mexico City briefly shut down some of its commuter trains this week . . . so workers could save a chicken that was running around on the tracks.

2.  Otis Taylor is a legendary blues artist who’s 74 now and still putting out music.  But he never graduated from high school, because back in 1966 . . . two months before graduation . . . they expelled him for refusing to cut his long hair.

Here’s the Good News though:  He went to Manual High School in Denver, and they finally decided to reverse that decision.  They held a special ceremony on Monday, and he got his diploma.  (Here’s a video.)

3.  Speaking of high school:  A teacher in Saginaw, Michigan named Brendan Harrison just finished his last round of chemo after he was diagnosed with colon cancer last year.  And when he walked out of the hospital, a huge group of friends, family, and students were all there cheering for him(Here’s the video.)

4.  Remember in the ’90s, when “Unsolved Mysteries” would have updates if they actually helped solve a crime?  Well, Netflix rebooted it in 2020, and it just happened again.

A nine-year-old girl was abducted in Illinois six years ago.  Her dad had custody, and her mom took off with her.  But after her photo was featured on a recent episode for just FOUR SECONDS, someone spotted her in North Carolina.

She’s now back home with her dad.  The mom’s facing charges.