Five Things That Make People Dislike You

We all want to be liked.  But if you try too hard, it can backfire.  Here are five things that can instantly make people like you less . . .

1.  Humblebragging.  That’s where you pretend to be self-deprecating, but you’re really saying something positive about yourself.  People see through it, and it’s a turn-off.

2.  Including a smiling emoji in work emails.  Smiling in person makes people like you.  But emojis can make you seem less competent.  Especially in a professional setting.

3.  Using an extreme close-up as your profile pic.  According to research, four-and-a-half feet is the best distance between you and the camera lens.  Pictures taken from a foot or two away make you seem less trustworthy.

4.  Sharing too many photos of the same people.  According to research, friends don’t like seeing too much of your family.  And your family doesn’t like seeing too many friend photos.  So you might want to consider a more balanced approach.

5.  Never talking about yourself.  Asking questions is a common tip we hear because most people like talking about themselves.  But you CAN ask too many.  And when you never talk about yourself, it’s harder for people to feel close to you.

(Business Insider)