TRACY MORGAN hosted ESPN’s ‘ESPYs‘ last night, which of course is a celebration of the previous year in sports.  And everything was eligible, even the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team’s big win just a few days ago.

Here are five highlights:

1.  The Women’s National Soccer Team won Best Team.  And Megan Rapinoe said, quote, “I’ve dropped the F-bomb on every stage I’ve been on for the last three days.  So we’ll just spare you that.  Thanks for having us.”

(Here’s video.  And here’s UNCENSORED video of her F-bomb at yesterday’s parade, which aired LIVE.  It’s at 6:45.)

2.  Alex Morgan from the women’s soccer team won Best Female Athlete, and she joked, quote, “Sorry, but this is probably the second-best trophy we won this week.”  (Here’s video.)

3.  Tracy Morgan did a bit about becoming “Monday Night Football’s” next new commentator, and he also asked players to pay $20,000 for a box of fruit snacks for charity.

(Here’s video.  And here’s a video of Tracy asking for $20K for fruit snacks.)

4.  Hockey’s St. Louis Blues won Best Comeback.  They went from last in the league in early January to winning the franchise’s first championship in their 52-year history last month.

The Blues gave their superfan Laila Anderson a shout-out.  She’s battling a life-threatening autoimmune disease. (Here’s video.)

5.  And the Pat Tillman Award for Service went to U.S. Marine Sergeant Kirstie Ennis, who was badly injured in a helicopter crash serving in Afghanistan in 2012.  (Here’s her story, and here’s her comments during the show.)

( has a complete list of winners.)