Father’s Day: 45% of People Say It’s Harder to Be a Dad Today Than Ever Before

Being a father is never “easy” . . . no matter how much of a “goody two-shoes” your kid is . . . but is it a little easier these days, or harder?

In a new Father’s Day survey, 45% of people say it’s harder to be a father today, versus the previous generation . . . 16% say it’s easier today . . . and 26% say it’s about the same.  (I’d vote for harder, considering the pandemic alone.)

47% of fathers say they believe they’re doing a better job as a parent than their fathers did.  17% are man enough to admit that they’re doing WORSE . . . and 28% say they’re probably doing about the same.

People were also asked if . . . generally speaking . . . fathers today play a GREATER or LESSER role in raising their children than the previous generation of fathers.  39% said they play a greater role today . . . 22% said it’s a lesser role . . . 24% said it’s about the same.

And when asked if society adequately rewards fathers for the work they do, 46% said no, it does not . . . 23% said yes, it does . . . and 31% aren’t sure.  (So if your dad is in your life, do something special for him on Sunday.  He doesn’t just want a participation trophy . . . trust me.)  (YouGov)