Does Your Christmas Tree Have Bugs in It?

If you’ve noticed any weird bugs in your place lately, there might be a festive reason.  They could have hitched a ride in on your CHRISTMAS TREE.

If you got a real tree this year, take a close look at the branches to make sure there aren’t any bugs crawling around in there, or little white eggs on the branches.

Most tree lots shake their trees to remove any bugs and loose needles, but not always.  And even if they do, the eggs might still be on there.

The good news is any bugs you find probably won’t be dangerous.  For example, ticks don’t hang out in trees, and they don’t lay eggs there either.

If you do find more than a few bugs, the best thing to do is vacuum them up.  Or if it’s a LOT of bugs, you might need to throw the tree out.

The good news is bugs that live in evergreens tend to stay there.  So they probably won’t stray far from the tree or spread to houseplants.

One thing to NEVER do is use bug spray on your tree because it’s flammable.

It sticks to the branches and needles and makes your tree an even bigger fire hazard.  So even the heat from your Christmas lights could spark a fire.

(Prevention / Realtor)