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Does This Dishwasher Drying Hack Really Work?

A dishwasher hack has been making the rounds online.  Has anyone tried this, and does it really work?

A grandmother named Babs posts life hacks on TikTok.  And she showed people an easy way to dry their dishes after running them in the dishwasher.

Just drape a dry, terrycloth dish towel over the door and close it.  Then wait five minutes.  That’s it.

The towel is supposed to absorb all the moisture, so your dishes end up dry.  But we’ve seen a few people online who claim it doesn’t actually do much.

Our guess is it MIGHT help them dry if you do it right after the wash cycle ends while it’s still steaming.  But any pools of water would still be there.

Other people pointed out that you can also just leave the door open a little without a towel, and that works too.  (Fox News)

(Here’s the video.)

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