The Houston Astros have been hit with accusations of SIGN-STEALING . . . again.  But this time, the claims are getting more traction.  This week, several videos went viral that allegedly prove the Astros were cheating in 2017 . . . the year they won the World Series.

Supposedly, they had a camera set up in centerfield that would help Houston batters know what kind of pitch the opposing catcher was calling for.

The camera was zeroed in on the catcher’s fingers . . . and that feed was then relayed to the Astros clubhouse.  Then, someone would make a loud banging noise to alert the batter if a fastball or an off-speed pitch was coming.

It was so fast that the batter could know just a few seconds after the catcher signaled for the pitch.

Video clips from 2017 with the banging keep popping up on YouTube, after a guy posted about it on Reddit.

(Here’s an UNCENSORED video description of what’s happening.  And there are other clips herehere, and here.)

And now, pitcher Mike Fiers says it’s TRUE.  He was with the Astros in 2017.  He said, quote, “I just want the game to be cleaned up a little bit because there are guys who are losing their jobs because they’re going in there not knowing.”

Carlos Beltran was also with the Astros that year, and he’s featured in one of the clips.  He admits that the Astros stole signs . . . but using a runner on second, not a camera.

(However, in one clip with Carlos, you can hear a bang, but there’s no one on base.)

Major League Baseball says they’re investigating.  The league has been strengthening its rules to make sure teams aren’t using technology to steal signs.

(Here are some reactions from players.)