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Coronavirus Insanity: Make a Face Shield Out of a Krispy Kreme Box, Chickens Are Popular Pandemic Pets, and More

Here’s a fresh round-up of coronavirus insanity . . .

1.  You can get a dozen donuts for free today at Krispy Kreme . . . and then follow this video to make a face shield out of a Krispy Kreme box.

2.  Some people in cities have been buying chickens as pets during the pandemic.  The owner of a pet chicken supplier says they’ve seen a 260% increase in demand since March.  Quote, “People have more time on their hands now to look after a flock, plus they realize [chickens] are a steady source of protein and nutrition.”

3.  Coronavirus is like a college dean in an ’80s movie, ruining everyone’s good time.  79% of college students say if they go back to campus this fall, they won’t go to parties.

4.  Is it REALLY safe to send kids to school if you need to do this?  One school district in Missouri is making parents sign a waiver saying they recognize their child could catch coronavirus and potentially die . . . and won’t sue the school if that happens.

5.  The pandemic has had a strange effect on geishas in Japan.  People aren’t going to geisha rooms, and even if they do, it’s hard to wear a mask over a geisha wig.

6.  This is a strange way for a company to basically break even.  The company that makes both Lysol products and Durex condoms says Lysol sales have been way up during the pandemic . . . but condom sales have been down.

7.  A new study figured out which states are most anti-mask.  And you’re not going to believe this, but most of them are the states with the worst outbreaks right now, including Arizona, Nevada, and Florida.

8.  35% of Americans are considering relocating because of the pandemic.  The most common place people want to go is somewhere less populated.

9.  Since the pandemic started, more than 500 Americans have been turned away at the Canadian border after they said they wanted to go to Canada to SHOP.

10.  The Russian government has been caught trying to hack coronavirus vaccine development to steal information and slow things down.

11.  Just when you think you’ve seen it all, Georgia’s Governor Brian Kemp is SUING Atlanta for having a mask requirement.  We are all going to be quarantining until 2023 at this rate.

12.  A guy without a mask at a Walmart in Florida pulled a gun when someone confronted him.  And a woman at a different Walmart screamed at people that they were, quote, “cult members” for wearing a mask.

Also, a guy in Louisiana who wouldn’t put on a mask at a Walmart and hit a cop with his car for telling him to leave has been charged with felony aggravated assault.

13.  Clothing sales doubled in June, and spending overall at stores and restaurants was up 7.5%.

14.  Here are the updated stats on CONFIRMED coronavirus cases as of last night . . .

New daily cases in the U.S.:  73,388, with 963 new deaths.  And a study found 45% of the counties in the U.S. now have an uncontrollable spread of coronavirus.

Total cases in the U.S.:  3.69 million, with more than 141,100 deaths . . . and more than 1.67 million who’ve now recovered.

Total cases worldwide:  13.9 million . . . with 592,000 deaths . . . and more than 8.2 million people who’ve beaten the virus globally.

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