Are These Marriage Habits Normal or Unacceptable?

Over 150,000 people recently took an online poll about marriage habits, and what ISN’T acceptable behavior.

It’s not clear how many of them were married, and how many were single.  But here are eight yes-or-no questions, and how people answered . . .

1.  Is it okay to pass gas in front of your spouse?  84% said yes.

(That other 16% must be REALLY uncomfortable a lot of the time.)

2.  Can you flirt with other people?  Only 24% said that’s okay.

3.  Would it be okay if they stayed out all night with friends?  63% said yes.

4.  Can you pee with the door open?  77% said it’s fine.

They didn’t ask about pooping with the door open, but they did ask this . . .

5.  Is it okay to TALK about your poop?  78% said yes.  22% said it’s too personal.

6.  Is it okay to tell white lies to make each other feel better?  61% said yes.  39% said no, you should never lie.

7.  Is it okay to fantasize about being married to someone else?  42% said yes.

8.  Is it normal to have long stretches at dinner when no one says anything?  72% said yes, it’s normal.