This might be the dumbest publicity stunt of the summer so far.  But I guess it worked, because here we are talking about it . . .

Arby’s and Old Spice just teamed up for a limited-edition “Meat Sweat Defense Kit.”  (???)  They announced it yesterday, and it sold out immediately.

For $60, you got a $15 Arby’s gift card . . . two cans of deodorant . . . a sweatband . . . gym towel . . . and one VERY stylish sweat suit covered in pictures of deli meat.

It comes in a box with the definition of “meat sweats” printed inside.  If you’re unfamiliar, it’s, quote, “perspiration after eating massive quantities of meat.”  (Here’s a photo.  Sorry to be a grammar nerd, but they said it’s a verb when it’s really a noun!)

If it actually sounds like something you’d want, a few people are already reselling the kits on eBay.  They’re currently going for around $250.